Cultivating Crew Cohesion and Sustainable Performance

We work with yachting clients, Captains and crew worldwide, delivering customized support and practical assistance aimed at enhancing onboard dynamic, promoting crew wellbeing and improving crew retention.

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Sageseas is a team of experts who understand the unique demands, working practices and social circumstances that are specific to the yachting industry.

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Through our tailored services that include a combination of consultancy, development and support we offer a bespoke service that focuses on wellbeing, leadership and onboard culture.
Whether your goal is to promote crew retention, deliver onboard safety, optimise client satisfaction, or to promote an energised crew and a cohesive team; Sageseas is the catalyst to enhance wellbeing and productivity.
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We believe that optimum performance is delivered when high expectation is matched with maximum support.”

We aim to facilitate and support Captains, HODs and crew so that best industry practices are implemented and positive onboard dynamic is achieved. Our aspiration is that those who work on yachts care for themselves, look out for their colleagues and deliver for their clients.

What our clients say

To have the independent assessment and evaluation of the current crew dynamics and perception of wellbeing onboard has been incredibly useful from management perspective. Sageseas did a great job, and I would highly recommend them to peers.
Manager, 65m Motor Yacht
Manager, 65m Motor Yacht
Yachting can be hard mentally. I have worked on a few yachts. This is a well-run yacht, and I think that the engagement of Sageseas is itself testament to the efforts being made by Management for crew wellbeing.
Crew member, 85m Sailing Yacht
Crew member, 85m Sailing Yacht
The onboard workshop far exceeded our expectations as a whole. The crew feedback was very positive, and the vision for the season, drivers and drainers have been displayed in communal areas and also shared with the owner of the vessel. We would do this pre-season every year.
Captain, 65m Motor Yacht
Captain, 65m Motor Yacht