First Captains Round Table Session

March 11, 2024
Sageseas Captains Round Table

Sageseas is delighted to inform you about the first of our Captains Round Table sessions.

This interactive forum will be a hub of insight, expertise and feedback from our members. Our focus will be on candid, open discussions about leadership, performance, balance, crew welfare and onboard dynamics. Sessions will be facilitated some of our Sageseas team, and guest speakers will be invited to share their expertise.

This first session will be led by Amazon best-selling author and international speaker Simon Shepard, who will focus on what he refers to as the Key Human Performance Indicators - the factors that underpin sustained human performance. With three decades of working with teams from the worlds of sport and business this is a session that we hope will provide you with an opportunity to Reflect, Realign and Reboot and consider how you will look after yourself and lead your crew in 2024.

This online session will be on the 5th December, at 1800 CET.

The hour will be interactive, and places will be limited to 12, so please contact us if you would like to attend.

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