Positive Leadership: The Multiplier Effect

February 13, 2024

A Sageseas Live Workshop - for Captains and HODs

Sageseas is excited to announce that we are running a couple of our workshops, live, in Palma. It will be fun to have crew from various yachts participate in the experience, and useful to have crew from different programs share insights and opinions.

A session that is designed for Captains and HODs who recognise the importance of creating a cohesive, focused and energized team.

Led by Founder of Sageseas, Paula, who has over 25 years experience working with Yacht Captains and, and international speaker, author and CEO of optima-life Simon Shepard, who has over 25 years working with professional teams.

We will encourage attendees to examine:

  • The Performance Equation The Key Human Performance Indicators’ (KHPIs) that are required for personal energy.
  • The relationship between expectation, support and performance.
  • The models that underpin leadership in the 21st Century
  • Great decision making


March 21st 0930-1300 €195/pp

RSGlobal Building, STP.

Limited availability, contact us for more information.

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