Sageseas Engagement Survey

March 11, 2024
A cartoon sketch of a Captain opening a can of worms

"Am I opening up a can of worms?!?" a Captain asked me.

Quite the opposite! The insights gathered from these anonymous surveys have proven to reflect predominantly positive results.

You will be demonstrating a commitment to your crew. Opening lines of communication, focusing and enhancing the positives, and making any adjustments realistically possible for improvement.

These results are encouraging while also highlighting areas for potential improvement

One of the invaluable aspects of the Sageseas Engagement Survey is the qualitative feedback it also provides. Crew members' comments offer a vivid picture of life onboard. Here are some of the most impactful statements:

"The crew are wonderful and the vibe on board is immaculate"

"Yachting can be hard mentally. I have worked on many yachts and in general, this is a well-run yacht. Just the fact of this survey is testament to the efforts being made."

"We had a stewardess struggling, and I had no idea."

The last comment underscores the importance of these surveys. They provide an opportunity for crew members to voice their concerns and for management to act on them.

One of the key outcomes of the Sageseas Engagement Survey is the sense of acknowledgment it fosters among the crew. As one respondent put it, "Check-in surveys let the crew know that they are heard and acknowledged by the company and upper management." This sentiment is echoed in another comment, “Crew felt valued, and conversations were started before we even received the evaluation report.”

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