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Our service offers a comprehensive analysis of the factors that influence the performance and cohesion of your team, such as leadership, wellbeing, relationships and environment. We provide you with evidence-based suggestions on how to enhance these aspects and foster a productive and positive team culture.
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We offer a range of workshops to help you and your crew achieve excellence in your yachting career. Examples include:

  • Leadership: Focusing on the skills required by Captains and HODs to promote modern, effective leadership.
  • Wellbeing: For all crew to enhance personal wellbeing, resilience and health.
  • Culture: Team building exercises to develop a collective onboard culture that reflects the values, vision and goals to foster a positive and productive work environment.

These workshops are tailored to your specific needs and preferences, based on the consultation we conduct beforehand. We aim to deliver engaging and interactive sessions that will inspire growth, and development.


Sageseas doesn’t stop at providing initial guidance, we are committed to delivering personalised ongoing support. From access to resources and materials on crew wellbeing, to the creation of tailored personal development plans and regular check-ins with our team, we can offer support and guidance for all.

Engage Sageseas to

Ensure Optimum Safety

Sageseas understands that onboard safety is critical. A healthy, well trained and unified crew is essential to the successful implementation of safety management systems that are in place.

Demonstrate Commitment

By engaging Sageseas you will be making a commitment to the promotion of positive mental and physical fitness of your crew, opening lines of communication and encouraging best onboard working practices.

Improve Crew Retention

Retaining crew is forever more challenging, and recruitment of suitably trained replacements difficult and costly.

Develop Onboard Wellbeing Policy

Recent industry survey results indicate that definition and clarity of onboard policy and procedures could be improved.

Who Benefits?


Retain a consistent, loyal crew with familiar, friendly faces, who know your specific preferences and needs. Reduce crew turnover and the costs and inconvenience incurred.


Come onboard to a committed and happy crew, who work as a team with a unified goal to deliver an excellent, personal service.


A happy crew is a loyal crew. With Sageseas, you can create a positive work culture that fosters job satisfaction, with happiness and fulfilment on board.


Experience invaluable, dedicated shoreside support to develop onboard policies, procedures and to enhance crew morale.


Reassurance that your supported and professional crew comply with the highest industry standards, reflecting positively on your organisation’s reputation.
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