Meet the Sageseas Team

Our mission is to increase crew retention, ensure onboard safety and optimise client satisfaction by enhancing wellbeing, communication, connection productivity.

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Paula Dickens
Sageseas Founder

I’m Paula and my passion for the yachting industry began 25 years ago. I spent 15 years at seas as crew and then 10 years land based as crew management.  

I love working within this industry; the travel, experiences and lifelong friends that I have made. I also know, first hand, that at times the life of a yachtie can be challenging.

It is with this knowledge and the insights that I have gained through my experience I have founded Sageseas.

As a team, our work revolves around people. From the captains who lead, to the HODs who orchestrate, to the crew who deliver, our goal is to facilitate wellbeing, energy, cohesion and sustained performance.  

We are here to provide external support, and to offer a range of programmes that I know will make a positive impact.

Simon Shepard
Consultant, mentor, coach and author

I have been described as a bit of a nuisance. With a career that has spanned the worlds of elite sport, business and health, I deliver coaching and training to organisations that are serious about their people.  Whilst my clients vary in sector and geography, my message is consistent – teams of today need to look after themselves physically, mentally and emotionally if they are to be progressive in a world of flux.  

My work at Sageseas, uses a combination of data and storytelling to address the Key Human Performance Indicators (KHPIs); and the aim is to facilitate the development of energised, focused, and purposeful crew.

In 2021 I wrote The Battle for Balance, and as for the ‘nuisance’ bit, whilst I do sometimes does get under peoples’ skin, more than anything, my ideal day is to help you understand yourself better, and allow you to get under yours! 

headshot of Claire Wells
Claire Wells

People are my absolute passion, helping individuals with the emotional challenges when life throws us a curve ball. There can be times when we feel we simply can’t cope.

Having worked on yachts for 10 years in various roles, I fully understand the challenges of working long hours, being away from family and friends and the isolation that can be brought about through limited communication. 

Crew wellbeing is a vital part of on board culture as it can affect how we think, act and feel both as an individual and as part of a team.

Experienced in handling the issues and  dilemmas faced by those who work at sea, I provide crew members and their families with confidential emotional support, long or short term, on line or over the phone. 

I am a qualified psychotherapist, NLP practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist using a person centred approach which means I deal with the day-to-day problems and challenges you might be facing both at sea and ashore.

Katie Bowen
Personal Trainer

Having grown up in Australia, I've always embraced an active lifestyle through both team and individual sports. At the age of 20, I embarked on a career working on sailing yachts, which led me to explore numerous corners of the globe. After spending 12 fulfilling years in the yachting industry, I decided to follow my passion for fitness.  

My journey has since taken me to various training centers worldwide, where I've had the privilege of acquiring diverse education and training. Drawing from this wealth of global expertise, I've accumulated a decade of experience as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor.  

I dedicate myself to instructing well-balanced classes and training, with a strong emphasis on biomechanics knowledge. I firmly believe that exercise is the elixir of life – a consistent commitment to nurturing the body, the most important machine. For me, exercise isn't just a routine; it's the magic pill that sustains vitality and well-being.

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